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Any and all questions, notification of bugs or constructive suggestions for future improvements of our software are welcome. Your feedback and comments have always played an essential role in the development of the program. We do our best to answer all mails to support within 24 hours.

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You can also contact us via your own mail program: Contact TAC-Soft Support

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Some time ago we were nominated Member of the Month at the Educational Software Cooperative. Here is an excerpt from what we said about ourselves at the time:

Wow ... Rosemary (the Webmaster) and the ESC really caught us by surprise ... the news about the Member of the Month nomination came just after we had released major updates to our programs. We were preparing for the usual wrestling match with the first support questions, and secretly planning to emigrate to somewhere where there are no computers and where stamp collecting is regarded as a respectable way to earn a living.

TAC-Soft The homebase of TAC-Soft and the development is Reutlingen, a small town which is located in the south of Germany, a beautiful area with the Black Forest, Heidelberg, the Lake of Constance, Munich and the Alps all within easy reach. John, Robin, Gabi, and two cats are the core of the team. Does anybody know why so many software developers seem to like cats? John and Robin do the programming, Gabi looks after them and is our chief sales-management helper.

Screenshots of the team are not yet available (too frightening!) but you can contact us at any time ... via the support email address or by snailmail and fax.
We value your feedback and look forward to hearing from you.

PS For those of you who stumble over the rather strange name 'TAC-Soft', here is the explanation. When we started many, many years ago the business was called 'Turner Academic Software'. For touchpad keyboards and smartphone screens this was much too clumsy and perhaps a little bit old-fashioned. We shortened 'Turner' to 'T', 'Academic' to 'AC' and 'Software' to 'SOFT'. The resulting abbreviation 'TAC-Soft' has proven to be a well-accepted alternative.

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Contact details

Prof. Dr. John F. Turner
Lindachstrasse. 40
72764 Reutlingen

Tel: +49 (0)7121 1459018
Fax: +49 (0)7121 372127
Please send your direct support and/ or contact requests to:

Contact TAC-Soft
Contact TAC-Soft Support. *TAC-Soft is owned and managed by Prof. Dr. John F. Turner.